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Faut-il choisir une imprimante couleur ou monochrome ?

When choosing a printer, the selection criteria to take into account are numerous. Between the printing speed, the resolution, the type of connection or even the price of toners, a great deal of research may be necessary. But there is one question that comes up often that concerns the very type of printer. Indeed, you may have already noticed, several kinds of printers exist, among which the color printer and the monochrome printer. So which one to choose? Which one is the most likely to satisfy you? Let’s see all of this in detail within this article.

The advantages of the color printer

A color printer, which can also be in the form of a wifi printer , a multifunction printer or an inkjet printer for example, is a device which, as its name suggests, prints your various color documents. To function, it therefore integrates 4 different cartridges, and will itself carry out the necessary mixtures so that your prints are identical to your requirements. The color printer can therefore print all kinds of documents, ranging from your administrative papers to your photos through PDF files.

In addition, a color printer costs a little less to purchase. However, before you even make the purchase, make sure that the price of color printer cartridges is not too high, which will prevent you from any unpleasant surprises when you need to change them. Today, let’s face it, the color printer is the best-selling type of printer in France, which is due to the fact that it offers a very wide variety of possibilities. However, it is also a piece of equipment which, depending on your needs, can be more expensive to use than a monochrome printer. Indeed, if you are looking for a printer to print mainly black and white documents, it is better to turn to a monochrome printer that consumes up to 3 times less ink.

What to choose between color printer and monochrome printer

All the strengths of a monochrome printer (black and white)

The monochrome printer is no less interesting, quite the contrary. Thanks to it, the cost of printing your documents in black and white will be reduced to an absolute minimum. This is what explains why many companies prefer this type of printer which uses a minimum of black ink to print, without the print quality being impacted. Very often, black and white printer brands such as HP, Epson or even Brother use innovative technologies to design models that consume very little ink that guarantee ever more exceptional print quality.

And it is mainly this fact that explains that when purchasing, a monochrome printer can be a little more expensive than a color printer. However, such a purchase should be seen as an investment in the sense that, if you regularly use your monochrome printer, this purchase will pay off since you will buy ink cartridges less often than if you used a color printer. . Very quickly, having fun doing the math, you will find that the savings on Coinjoin the purchase of ink cartridges will absorb the cost of acquiring the black and white printer itself.

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