ChangeBest - Project Brief and Newsletters

projectbriefWhat is a "new" Energy Efficiency Service? What about the ChangeBest field tests? What are the  ChangeBest's main stories?.

In this project brief the background, objective and tasks of the ChangeBest project gathered  in two pages.

In the six issues of the ChangeBest newsletters find out the main project milestones and brief summary of the project outcomes.


ChangeBest Brochure - Energy Efficiency Services, Good Practice Business Models and Successful Market Developments

brochure8This brochure presents a full overview of the results of ChangeBest project.

In few pages it gives an idea about the development of profitable EES, the new EES supported by ChangeBest and selected good practice examples.

The brochure includes the full list of EES supported by ChangeBest and a set of recommendations and conclusions for accelerating EES market growth.


ChangeBest Guide - Strategic product development for the energy efficiency service market

sg3This guide  presents background information and step-by-step instructions for putting together an energy efficiency service.

Who are the customers and what do they need? How big is the opportunity? Is the timing right? What will it take to execute? Is the return worth the risk? What is the motivation, the business model, the competitive advantage? How to finance it? What is the right marketing strategy? Where is the best available know-how?

These are some of the questions addressed in this 50 pages Guide.

ChangeBest Case Studies - new Energy Efficiency Services

cs2During the ChangeBest project 48 new EES have been developed and field-tested in 16 European Member States.

These new EES covered different fields of application and different customer segments.

In this report the full overview and analysis of all 48 EES.



ChangeBest Report - Conclusions and recommendations


This report presents the conclusions and recommendations for the policy strategy to support EES development.  This is shown both at European Union and  Member States level.

What is the market situation in Europe? Which developments and new EES are the most promising? Which policy instruments can help the most?

In this report the ChangeBest recommendations for  the appropriate policy framework  to stimulate the market for EES.

National country reports and the Cross-country analysis of the energy efficiency business in 18 countries and regions

A cross-country analysis of the energy efficiency business in the 18 countries and regions participating in the ChangeBest project based on the respective 18 country reports on the Energy Efficiency Service markets.

Cross-partner report mapping the starting point of partners from practice in the EES market

Includes the starting point of partners from practice in the Energy Efficiency Service market. Partner from practice are Energy companies or ESCO developping and testing new Energy Efficiency Services and supported by the ChangeBest project.

Analysis of policy mix and development of Energy Efficiency Services

Presents an evaluation of the positive or negative effect of policy measures on the provision of Energy Efficiency Services (EES). How policy measures stimulate energy savings? How they can influence the demand for, and supply of, EES?.

Economic incentives and barriers for EES and the relation between Energy companies and ESCOs

Presents an analyses the the existing economic incentives and the importance of several economic market barriers.

Analysis of the potential market volume for energy efficiency services

Provides general support, assisting energy companies and ESCOs in entering  the B2B and B2C market for EES.

List of ESCO-related projects

A number of projects support the implementation of the Energy Service Directive and further development of an Energy Efficiency Service market.

If some of the terms used in the reports are not clear please use our ChangeBest glossary.



Case Studies

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