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In Europe there is a large potential for profitable energy efficiency services (EES). According to a ChangeBest estimate, the EES market is expected to grow by several billion Euros per year until 2020.

Starting up companies and business can be both exciting and enjoyable and yet at the same time extremely challenging. The ChangeBest project (2009-2012) aimed to help in alleviating these challenges by supporting energy companies, ESCOs and other interested market actors in developing and introducing new EES for private households and business clients. The support was based on thorough country analyses, experience exchange, general strategy concepts and bilateral dialogues with individual companies on their business plans and product developments. The aim was to contribute to the development of the energy efficiency service market.

ChangeBest Brochure - Energy Efficiency Services, Good Practice Business Models and Successful Market Developments


This brochure presents a full overview of the results of ChangeBest project.

In few pages it gives an idea about the development of profitable EES, the new EES supported by ChangeBest and selected good practice examples.

The brochure includes the full list of EES supported by ChangeBest and a set of recommendations and conclusions for accelerating EES market growth.


ChangeBest Guide - Strategic product development for the energy efficiency service market

sg2This guide  presents background information and step-by-step instructions for putting together an energy efficiency service.

Who are the customers and what do they need? How big is the opportunity? Is the timing right? What will it take to execute? Is the return worth the risk? What is the motivation, the business model, the competitive advantage? How to finance it? What is the right marketing strategy? Where is the best available know-how?

These are some of the questions addressed in this 50 pages Guide.

ChangeBest Case Studies - new Energy Efficiency Services


During the ChangeBest project 48 new EES have been developed and field-tested in 16 European Member States.

These new EES covered different fields of application and different customer segments.

In this report the full overview and analysis of all 48 EES.


ChangeBest Report - Conclusions and recommendations

conclusionsThis report presents the conclusions and recommendations for the policy strategy to support EES development.  This is shown both at European Union and  Member States level.

What is the market situation in Europe? Which developments and new EES are the most promising? Which policy instruments can help the most?

In this report the ChangeBest recommendations for  the appropriate policy framework  to stimulate the market for EES.























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